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Job digital marketing bumbu agency

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Have understood social media platforms in how they function
  • Copy-writing
  • Perform Marketing (especially online)
  • Create social media content and ads
Job graphic designer bumbu agency

Graphic Designer

  • Master Adobe photoshop
  • Edit photos
  • Design logos
  • Create web graphic
  • Design content
  • Sketch/design illustrative graphics
  • Familiarity / experience in Adobe Illustrator 
Job graphic animator bumbu agency

Graphic Animator

Candidates are required to:

  • Be good at creating own storyboards
  • Animation (2D and 3D) and editing
  • Familiar with animation and 3D software such as blender 

Additionally we would like:

  • Familiarity in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, cinema4D
job Website designer bumbu agency

Website Designer


  • Understand WordPress well
  • Be able to create own Theme and pages (either through page builder or code)
  • Create SEO friendly pages/content

Additionally we would like:

  • Understanding and skill to test and use the tools for testing websites
  • Basic security and performance for websites
Job search engine optimization bumbu agency

Search Engine Optimiser


  • Blog and write in SEO friendly ways
  • Have deep knowledge and skill in SEO especially in keyword finding and keyword to content match
  • Understand and use the various tools especially from Google and Bing
  • Understanding how to find generic and specific trends
  • Understand of SEO rules, do’s and don’t
  • Have basic understanding of businesses
  • Understanding and skill to test and use the tools for testing websites
  • Understanding of security and performance for websites

What we want

People who are proactive, sociable and work in a team. We value your work over your qualifications, show us your examples, portfolio and skills. When you apply, feel free to include your work, show-reel or portfolio alongside your CV.


  • Full time
  • No remote or flexi hours
  • 3 months probation
  • Malaysian only
  • Benefits: Allowance, EPF, SOCSO & Rewards


  • We interview you over the phone
  • In less than a week later if you are accepted, we will contact you to physically attend an interview at our office
  • Around 1 week later, If you receive an offer and accept, you will go through 1 week of training and the start of your probational period.

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Bumbu Agency Sdn Bhd is a advertising agency based in Petaling Jaya. We have more than 7 years experience with both corporate, SME’s and government bodies.


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