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Countless studies have shown that visual perception has a tremendous influence over an audience’s understanding of the presented material and the presenter. If something looks good, people assume that it is good. 

Our design team turns concepts into beautiful, memorable, and useful imagery that tells your story. What we design is a direct reflection of your brand. We aim for each experience to be purpose built and engaging.

Our focus is to ensure the audience is listening. By defining a brand’s graphic vision, we craft innovative visual stories that attract the target audience and create long term success. We mostly design for social media marketing purpose such as Facebook and Instagram.

Our Graphic Design Elements

Visually Engaging

Our experiential and iterative design process creates emotion and engagement between brand and consumer.

Brand Identity

We design visual identities that speak to the audience by articulating corporate culture, style, and philosophy.

Marketing Elements

Your visual presentation is what will attract prospects, get them engaged, and convey the value of your company.

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Bumbu Agency Sdn Bhd is an advertising agency based in Petaling Jaya. We have more than 7 years experience with both corporate, SME’s and government bodies.


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