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How To Grow Email Subscriber List : 5 Ideas You Can Do

How To Grow Email Subscriber List : 5 Ideas You Can Do

Should be considered a high priority marketing task for any small business. Email list building is important for several reasons and know how to grow email subscriber list.

1. Each email is a direct connection with a customer or future customer.

2. Every subscriber who provides their email is a lead that has an unlimited lifetime value.

3. As your email list shrinks, it will need to be replenished.

4. The people behind the email addresses provide valuable insights for future marketing or product development

5. As new products are launched, a growing email list can provide initial feedback and sales.

5 Ways Grow Email Subscriber List

How To Grow Email Subscriber List

1. Create an irresistible lead magnet.

Leverage your knowledge of your audience to create a cheat sheet, checklist, guidebook, or webinar that the subscriber will receive for free when they submit their email address.

2. Use a feature box on your website.

Above the fold of your website should always be a powerful statement of what your business provides to a customer with a call to action box. This type of graphic is referred to as a feature box.

3. Implement the “dreaded” Pop Up box on your website.

Email subscriber sign ups have been known to increase by over 600% on websites that include at least one pop up box. Include one on the home page of your website and at least one other page and watch your list grow.

4. Create a survey.

Create a survey using Survey Monkey or related service and post it on various social media platforms. Offer giveaway for completing the survey and require email addresses as one of the fields. Not only will you collect info about your audience, you will collect email leads.

5. Turn blog comments into a sign up opportunity.

When your audience reads blog post and wants to comment, typically their name and email is required. By including an opt in box below the comment contact information, you can begin to funnel these email addresses to your email list. Basically, if the commenter does not uncheck the subscribe box, they have agreed to be included.

Depending on your business model, you may want to choose 3-4 of these email marketing list building strategies, test them and stick with the ones that really work for you.

When developed correctly, your email list will include people within your target audience in the following categories:

  • People who have expressed an interest in your product or service.
  • Prospective customers who are almost ready to buy.
  • Existing customers.

Understanding the value of a robust email list and how to grow email subscriber list and use it as part of your marketing mix will produce noticeable business benefits including growth of your bottom line.

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