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Instagram Carousel: 10 Common Instagram Carousel Mistakes

Instagram Carousel: 10 Common Instagram Carousel Mistakes

Instagram Carousel: 10 Common Instagram Carousel Mistakes

Instagram carousel is currently a platform that marketers can’t afford to ignore anymore. It has quickly turned into the go-to network for marketers looking to drive more social media engagements and acquire new customers.

When it comes to communication on social media, all we want is to be completely flawless. Uploading a messy/uncomplete copy with grammar mistakes will not come across as professional. With that in mind, influencers and brands still struggle to create engaging carousels.

But don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will well-placed to create engaging carousels to help achieve your goals.


Instagram Carousel: 10 Common Instagram Carousel Mistakes

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These Are Common Instagram Carousel Mistakes

1. Boring Cover Slide

The first point of call for an Instagram carousel is always the cover slide. The cover slide will be the first thing a user sees when scrolling through their Instagram feed. The aim of a good cover slide is to stop the scroll! The visual should spark interest in the topic, giving readers no excuse but to read on.


2. Boring Content

No one will care about you, what they really care is about themselves. If your content is about something true but it’s boring, people are not going to care. Don’t regurgitate vague from others, or if you do, add your own insights to it.


3. Front-Heavy Carousels

Many carousels feature way too much information on the first few pages. This creates more work for the audience and increases the likelihood of them dropping off the post or zoning out. If you’ve got a lot of information, simply space the carousel out to 8 or 10 slides.


4. No rhythm

A carousel is a story. You have 10 slides to tell me something interesting. What makes a story interesting is the ups & downs. Or listen to some classical music, and observe how they bring you on a journey without words.


5. Not Enough Visuals

Instagram is a visual platform. People react better to posts that are engaging and visually pleasing. So make sure your carousel has simple messages with minimal text to help create engaging carousels. Sometimes, the most effective carousel can simply be a single image split into different slides. Something that everybody is capable of creating with the help of a photo editing app.


6. Too Much Text

The text is for email and books. They require active consumption. Think of your carousel as your TED talk slideshow, and the text you put on there is your voice. Cut out the junk. Keep the essentials.

You will say more by saying less. If you have 8 really heavy slides, separate them into 4 carousels, and put those 2 heavy slides at the end. Now you have 4 pieces of content instead of one.


7. Weak ‘CTA’

Strong calls-to-action are important on any platform. A value-driven CTA will help improve engagement from the user tenfold. Whereas a fake question to trigger comments will have little importance to both parties.


8. Low-Resolution Images

Due to the nature of the carousel, images used to NEED to be a higher resolution in comparison to normal-post counterparts. it’s common for a marketer to use a low-resolution image, reducing the quality of the content.


9. Crazy gradients and colors

If you don’t know how to use colors, go black & white, and only use just a tiny bit to highlight something


10. Be Static

Many believe that video carousels are difficult to produce and often, more time-consuming than images. This is a common misconception as most mobile phones are capable of recording high-quality videos ready for social in a fraction of the time.


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