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Marketing Strategy: 5 Common Marketing Strategy Mistake

Marketing Strategy: 5 Common Marketing Strategy Mistake

Marketing Strategy: 5 Common Marketing Strategy Mistake

Nowadays everyone has a marketing strategy but these are the critical mistakes that many businesses make when putting them together. Marketing is only as effective as its execution. Properly considering the experience and message being sent to future and existing customers can make or break campaigns.

Marketing Strategy

5 Common Marketing Strategy Mistakes

1. Not Differentiating Between Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

A marketing campaign is generally a one-off program that focuses on a specific topic or outcome. A product launch, new season, or sale, for example.

Your marketing should form part of an overall marketing strategy, It’s not the strategy itself. If you only have a strategy for the campaign, what happens when the campaign is over? what do you do next? Think of the strategy like a chess game and campaigns as the pieces. You have to know how, when, and where to move the pieces, but if you do that in isolation of the game in its entirety, you’re not going to succeed.

2. Confusing Tactics With Strategies

We’ll often hear something like ‘we need to do social media’ or ‘ we should have a new website’, or even ‘our strategy needs to include this and that’. The problem with all of these sorts of comments is that they’re focused on tactics, not the strategies.

Your strategy should start with your business goal. Then you build up the tools and tactics you need to meet that goal. Those might well include a social media plan or a new website. But if you start with your strategy first, you can use tools to build towards it, rather than using them for the sake of it.

3. Focusing Internally

Doing what you want to do rather than keeping your customer at the forefront of everything. Are you writing that piece of content because that’s what you want to tell them? or what they want to know?

If your strategy is to build around a goal rather than a tactic. You can work out the messaging that answers your customer questions while contributing to your goal.  A lack of customer research is a big mistake many businesses make. We’re often so focused on our internal skills and expertise that we forget about who we’re actually doing this for, who we want to appeal to. Don’t forgo the customer research for the sake of speeding up the implementation of your plan. You can’t make a good plan without it.

4. Copying the Competition

Are your competitors hugely successful on Twitter because they share tongue in cheek memes? Great, good for them. Unless your brand is identical, you shouldn’t try to copy what they’re doing and hope it works for you as well.

They have a brand personality that should be different from yours. Copying them won’t make you share their success, it’ll dilute your brand and make it harder for potential customers to differentiate between you. You lose your identity.

5. Not Writing it Down

When you make your plan, write it down. But there are a surprising number of people and businesses that know what their strategy is but never formally document it. Or just make some bullet points or a single slide covering the basics.

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