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Video Commercial Production : Upah Buat Video Commercial

Video Commercial Production : Upah Buat Video Commercial

As a video commercial production, we pride ourselves at Bumbu Agency in creating excellent videos that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to achieve their advertising goals. We are results-driven, and with unlimited revisions, Bumbu Agency ensures that you will be satisfied with your commercial video.

Video Commercial Production

Video commercial production By Bumbu Agency

A video advertisement, like those you see on TV or the internet, is a short (60 seconds or less, but ideally 30 seconds) branding-oriented video that promotes your company, product, or service. A commercial video is inherently high level and should not dive into the details of what you do and how you do it as an explainer video would.

An advertisement is meant to grab attention, garner interest, and get people excited about what you do. It’s a teaser designed to draw in potential customers. If you’re working on online-only content, we think a digital ad campaign is one of the best ways to really spread your brand message and also make the most of your video commercial production efforts.

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Almost every business could benefit from a commercial video. It’s hard to think of an industry that wouldn’t. This is because commercial videos can hook potential customers and clients; it gives them a glimpse of what could be, and our commercials have a record for driving increases in profits. In other words, it’s building your brand to drive customer acquisition.

How should I use video commercial ?

In today’s social media-dominated world, 30 second long commercial videos can be key to a brand’s success. Bumbu Agency recommends that you opt-out of televising your commercial due to the high cost and lower return on investment.

Instead, you should focus your efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media outlets. These platforms are continuously growing and are especially popular with younger demographics. Social media platforms are a great way to broadcast your commercial, but you will also need to invest marketing dollars in order for your commercial to gain traction. With enough effort, your video commercial can go viral, but it won’t happen overnight.

What’s the cost of a high-quality video?

When determining the cost of a commercial video, several factors have to be taken into account. These include the style and complexity, length, the video’s airing destination, and potential licensing fees among other variables. For a high-quality video, you are looking at costs of RM1000 – RM10,000 and above. However, since every commercial video is unique with its own set of variables, Bumbu Agency will provide you with an estimate for your specific, individual video.

How do we know if a commercial video campaign is successful?

Measuring the success of commercial videos is actually quite easy. Video count gives an excellent indicator of the extent to which the commercial is making inroads with your target audience. However, in order to get a significant amount of commercial views, you will have to allocate some of your budgets to go towards promoting the video. After you achieve enough views, pay attention to your engagement levels. Your target engagement level should be somewhere between 80% to 90%+ of individuals who view the commercial.

How long does it take for Bumbu Agency to create an outstanding video commercial ?

Since commercial videos are designed to grab attention in order to drive customer acquisition, they generally take a longer time for production. Generally speaking, your wait time is 6 to 12 weeks. However, after factoring in the specific variables of your project, Bumbu Agency will give you a more precise time frame.

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How does Bumbu Agency come up with the concept for a video?

Arguably the most important element of a commercial, the concept conveys the intended meaning of an advertisement. In other words, it’s the plot of the video along with its theme. This is perhaps also the most fun aspect of your video commercial production for us.

Our creative juices get to flow with the sole intention of generating a buzz for your company, product, or service. We do this by getting excited about your business. We immerse ourselves in your data to fully understand your product/service, customers and desired target audience. We engage first hand in order to fully understand what you need in a commercial video for it to be successful in your market.

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